End Cannabis Prohibition Jersey
for Reform.


Announcing the launch of the ECPJ electioneering campaign.

An unparalleled opportunity for reform.

Today we have the pleasure of announcing the launch of the End Cannabis Prohibition Jersey electioneering campaign.

The 2022 general elections provide an unprecedented opportunity to emphasise the need for cannabis reform in Jersey and influence the future trajectory of our approach to cannabis in the Island.

The rise of medicinal cannabis in Jersey, in terms of both the development of the cultivation industry and it's prescribed use, has enabled an environment that is now conducive to wider conversations about cannabis.

By engaging with the candidates, political parties and the electorate over the coming weeks, End Cannabis Prohibition Jersey intends to raise awareness of local cannabis issues.

Our online presentation, Recommendations for Reform, provides a blueprint for cannabis reform in Jersey that we hope will inspire change in the next term of the States Assembly.

When it comes to election day on the , we simply ask that you please vote for those candidates who support cannabis reform.

À bétôt et à la préchaine,
The ECPJ Team.