End Cannabis Prohibition Jersey
for Reform.


ECPJ Campaign Update #1.

And so it begins.

It's the end of the first week of the public campaign for End Cannabis Prohibition Jersey.

The cannabis.org.je website, together with our new Facebook page and Twitter account, were launched at 4:20pm on the .

The initial response has been fantastic, with supportive messages received in our Facebook group from Peter Reynolds of CLEAR UK, and Charlotte Caldwell — mother of Billy Caldwell, the first patient in the UK to receive a prescription for medicinal cannabis.

We had a slight hiccup initially with our Twitter account in that it was mistakenly flagged as a spam account by their automated systems! This was quickly resolved with full access restored late on the

On Thursday afternoon, we contacted the four political parties in Jersey to inform them of our campaign and to request a meeting with each of them at their earliest convenience. We have received one response so far from The Progress Party, accepting our invitation to a meeting.

Yesterday, we applied for membership of the Cannabis Industry Council, which we believe could develop into a mutually beneficial relationship. As we are a campaign group rather than part of the industry, consideration of our membership has been put to their Executive Committee.

Since the beginning of the year, our focus has been on developing the End Cannabis Prohibition Jersey presentation and website. From now until the elections, we'll be reaching out and engaging people with our blueprint for cannabis reform.

Next week, we shall proceed with contacting the candidates who have declared their intentions to stand in the elections in June. It's a busy month coming up in the States Assembly, so we'll be prioritising those candidates who are not current States Members.

If you see our posts on social media, please interact with them by liking, commenting and sharing, so that the algorithms further our reach.

À bétôt et à la préchaine,
The ECPJ Team.