End Cannabis Prohibition Jersey
for Reform.

Towards Regulation.

The status quo cannot continue.

The War on Drugs has failed.

In the 50 years since the War on Drugs was instigated, drug use has continued to increase unabated around the world.

The criminalisation of people for the personal consumption of drugs, in essence a victimless crime, has been repeatedly described as a War on People that infringes upon human rights.

Relative harms of drugs.

Cannabis, while not completely harmless, is recognised as being less harmful to the individual and society than either tobacco or alcohol.

Quite simply, it is disproportionate for Government to condone tobacco and alcohol use while continuing to criminalise the use of cannabis.

Taking control.

Jersey should start planning for the future regulation of cannabis, beginning with public education by way of a progressive substance use strategy, followed by the full decriminalisation of the plant.

Referring to cannabis as a controlled drug is a misnomer; control is currently deferred to the black market due to it's illegality.

In order to effectively control cannabis, legalisation and regulation is required.