End Cannabis Prohibition Jersey
for Reform.


ECPJ Campaign Update #2.

Onwards and upwards.

It's been a good second week for the End Cannabis Prohibition Jersey campaign as we have begun to liaise with the political parties and build up our public social media following.

We have now heard back from each of Jersey's four political parties, with our first meeting of the campaign scheduled for next week with the Jersey Liberal Conservatives.

In order to facilitate our communications with the declared candidates, we have produced a Campaign Summary PDF to serve as an introduction to our Recommendations for Reform.

Having reached our first goal of engaging with the political parties, the ECPJ will be reaching out to independent candidates next week.

As things currently stand, there are only two candidates who have provided contact details other than their Twitter accounts - one of which only declared their intention to stand yesterday. Hopefully more of the prospective candidates will provide public contact details soon.

Our application for End Cannabis Prohibition Jersey to become members of the Cannabis Industry Council has unfortunately been declined at the present time as they do not currently accept activist/lobby groups. It's a shame but it was the expected response - good to get their attention at least.

Twitter has been our priority this week, building up followings of our target audience of candidates, media and cannabis reform advocates, of which about 7% have since followed us in return. We're also starting to pick up followers organically too, which is good to see. Just the one troll so far!

Please continue to like, share and comment on our social media posts when you see them - it really helps with exposure for the End Cannabis Prohibition Jersey campaign.

À bétôt et à la préchaine,
The ECPJ Team.