End Cannabis Prohibition Jersey
for Reform.


ECPJ Campaign Update #8.

Two months to go.

End Cannabis Prohibition Jersey met with members of Jersey Alliance this week to discuss our recommendations for reform.

Our presentation was well received and we were encouraged by their understanding of cannabis issues.

Next week we have scheduled meetings with two independent candidates, while our meeting with The Progress Party will now take place in early May after the last sitting of the current Assembly.

ECPJ has now met with 7 of the 45 declared candidates standing in the 2022 general elections, including members of 3 of the political parties.

While there has been differences of opinion with some of our recommendations, we have yet to encounter opposition to the principles of our campaign.

There were 91 candidates in the 2018 elections, so there's likely to be many more candidates putting themselves forward in the next couple of weeks. We'll be contacting them all in due course to present our blueprint for cannabis reform.

À bétôt et à la préchaine,
The ECPJ Team.