End Cannabis Prohibition Jersey
for Reform.


ECPJ Campaign Update #9.

"It's just a matter of time."

It's now been two months since we launched the End Cannabis Prohibition Jersey campaign to engage with candidates in the run up to the elections on the .

Our Recommendations for Reform have been well received thus far and we are happy with the progress we have made. We had hoped to have met with more of the declared candidates by now but the majority have yet to embark on their electioneering campaigns.

Timely news this week from Guernsey reports that the Committee for Health and Social Care is calling for an investigation into the legalisation of cannabis in this political term. We hope that our soon to be elected representatives in Jersey note these developments and endeavour to work with their counterparts in the Bailiwick of Guernsey on this and other matters of mutual interest.

ECPJ looks forward to meeting as many of the candidates as possible in the coming weeks to discuss and advise on cannabis issues. It's a complex subject but we're here to help guide the development of progressive policy focussed on health, well-being and human rights.

Please email all enquiries to hello@cannabis.org.je

With the candidate nominations only a couple of weeks away, we've begun work on a section of the ECPJ website that will list the candidates along with their stance on cannabis reform.

To keep things simple, we shall be using four categories to record how we perceive each candidate's response to be to the issue of cannabis reform, based upon our meetings and interactions:

  • Unknown
  • Opposed
  • Receptive
  • Supportive, i.e. included in manifesto/publicly declared

From our engagement with candidates so far, we anticipate that the majority of candidates will be receptive of the principle need for reform. We would of course like the candidates to also declare their support for cannabis reform in their manifestos, but what's most important is that they remain receptive once elected to the Assembly – ECPJ will be there to hold them to account!

À bétôt et à la préchaine,
The ECPJ Team.