End Cannabis Prohibition Jersey
for Reform.


The ECPJ guide to the 2022 general election candidates.


Select your district from the links below to view the candidates and where they stand on cannabis reform:


From our interactions with Jersey's political parties during our campaign, we understand their stance on cannabis reform to be as follows:

Jersey Alliance Receptive Receptive
Jersey Liberal Conservatives Receptive Receptive
Progress Party Receptive Receptive
Reform Jersey Supportive Supportive


Of the 49 newly elected States Members, the 10 members of the Reform Jersey party are supportive of decriminalising cannabis, as stated in their party manifesto. We are confident that a further 24 States Members are receptive to undertaking a progressive approach to cannabis, while 1 is opposed to cannabis reform. The stances of the remaining 14 States Members were unknown at the time of the elections.


92 candidates stood for election – 76 for Deputy and 16 for Constable.

37 candidates were members of a political party and 55 stood independently. 36 acting States Members sought re-election.

End Cannabis Prohibition Jersey engaged with 55 candidates and met with 24 of them – including all 4 of the political parties.

Cannabis was mentioned in the manifestos of 2 of the candidates and 1 of the political parties.

We believe that 14 candidates are supportive of either decriminalising or legalising cannabis, 55 are receptive to a progressive approach, and 2 are opposed to cannabis reform based upon our interactions, their party allegiances or recent public statements. The opinions of the remaining 21 candidates are unknown.