End Cannabis Prohibition Jersey
for Reform.


Cannabis is on the agenda.

The States Assembly has, in the current term, introduced the legalisation of medicinal cannabis, while the Government has nurtured the industry as a means to diversify our economy.

There are approximately 3,000 private medicinal cannabis patients in the Island and several companies have acquired or are in the process of applying for cultivation licences via the Jersey Cannabis Agency.

Consequently, the next term of the States Assembly will need to continue the scrutiny and development of policy relating to the cultivation and use of cannabis in the Island.

A blueprint for reform.

Cannabis is a complex, multi-faceted and much maligned plant.

The recent developments in this field raise many issues that merit consideration and redress in order for Jersey to realise the benefits of cannabis and maximise our potential as a "centre of excellence".

End Cannabis Prohibition Jersey has therefore compiled the following presentation to highlight a number of issues relating to cannabis, together with corresponding recommendations for short, medium and long-term reforms, as a guide for election candidates.

Estimated reading time: 40 minutes.

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